Monday, December 15, 2014

2014 Annual Meeting ~ Indian Wells, California

And just like that, another meeting under my belt! That makes 4 with my company! This one went swimmingly and we got great feedback all around. Which always gives me the push to continue to produce great events! Here's a little photo recap of the week in Indian Wells, California!

View from my guest room.

My fantastic boss and coworker. #DreamTeamMinusAFew 

We had the "road" brought it. It was actually astro-turf! 

The bar roofs resembled asphalt shingles!

Yellow calla lilies... my favorite!

Story about the pictures below....

The hotel hires this guy to come with this Harris Hawk to scare away the smaller yappy birds. Well when I saw the hawk flying around and the guy calling to it I got so excited. I have this weird fascination for predator birds. So naturally I bugged the guy to let me see him! Isn't he the coolest???

And yes, my body stance above shows how nervous I was to have him so close!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

United State of Pop 2014

Just a little video for your Saturday. I heard this the other day on my morning talk show and I was totally impressed. Maybe I'm late to the DJ Earthworm party, but I hadn't seen this before.

It's so well done and what a great way to wrap up the musical moments from 2014!

Have a great weekend! We are headed to Louisville for my friend, Dana's wedding!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Elusive Motivation

I would consider myself a pretty motivated person. I've always worked hard to do well in school, work, athletics, etc. Which is why it's so interesting to me that motivation can be something so hard to maintain. When it comes to fitness and health, my motivation seems to come and go in waves. Almost daily.

I admire those people who have, for years, been waking up, lacing up their shoes, and hitting the pavement or the gym. Like it's nothing. Like it's brushing their teeth or getting dressed.

Why does it come so easily to some but yet it's a constant struggle for (many) others?

The daily swing is what blows my mind the most. At 2pm I can be sitting at my desk feeling completely motivated. I'm ready to work out! I'm going over gym plans or running routes in my head. I'm cooking up a healthy meal in my mind and determined to skip anything sweet!

Then 5:00 hits. I drive home for 20 minutes. I walk in the door and the motivation is gone. Just disappeared. It might as well have been a unicorn riding a flying pig.

And then I realize I need to vacuum, and do laundry, and go through all those boxes sitting out in the living room. Oh and when was the last time the toilets were cleaned?

And instead of working out, or doing any chores around the house, or cooking a healthy meal, we drive through Chipotle (they need a drive thru) and plop our asses on the couch for the remainder of the evening watching Vanderpump Rules.

And in my mind is a promise of a better day tomorrow.

I'm not saying all days are like this. Obviously I'm not a complete hot mess. But I just don't get it. How can I go from riding the fitness train one minute to total couch potato the next? How does one hold on to the elusive quality that is motivation? How do you get to consistency?

I'm reading The Power of Habit (have been for a while - pick it up here and there). It's helping me understand how habits form and how you can develop the ones you want. But we all know it's not that simple. Even if I understand how to make fitness part of my habits, that doesn't mean I'll be able to do it successfully.

I don't know if I really have a point to this post. It's more of a stream of conscious. But I do know I will always continue with trial and error. Last year running worked for me for a while. This year I'm trying to hit the gym in the morning and it seems to be working. As my former boss would say, I'm just going to keep throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks.

Instead of eating the entire bowl of spaghetti.

On the couch..

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Commit To Fit Update

Hey strangers. I'm finally back from the Thanksgiving long weekend AND our Palm Springs event. PHEW. What a couple weeks it was. I'll be back later this week with an event recap.. it went really well!

But today we are back on the fitness topic. My company started a wellness program last month and my personal trainer friend, Rennay, launched a Commit To Fit challenge this month. So, fitness has been on the mind everywhere I go. Which is good!

However, Thanksgiving in West Virginia, and then a week at our event left little room to work out. And little room to eat healthy, to be honest.

Last week was the first week of the challenge and since I had no time to work out (we literally work from about 7am to 10pm), we decided my goal could be to walk 15,000 steps four times that week. 15k was a random number we came up with and it turns out it was a bit high for my everyday at the event. BUT, I did beat it on our busiest day!

Now that I'm back to the real world, my goal this week is three days in the gym for an hour each. I started off this morning.

I talked before about how I found a way for morning work outs to work for me and it's been great. It's not always easy to be consistent, but honestly, what work out routine is easy?

Also, my department at work start doing walks at 10am and 2pm each day (when we can). There is a trail right by our office so we do 1 mile in the morning and 1 mile in the afternoon.

It's really nice to get a breath of fresh air and get our bodies moving when we are sitting at desks most of the day. And it's been giving our team time to catch up on what each other is doing and collaborate a bit more.. always helpful!

I'm trying to make as much progress before Jan 1 as I can! Now that things have calmed down I have three weeks to really focus! Which includes food. Going to make an effort to be more aware of what I'm eating and make healthier choices as well. 

I want to roll into the new year with momentum and not starting from scratch. Who's with me??