Thursday, October 16, 2014

Billboard Chart Toppers - Calling It

As much as I hate paying a monthly subscription (for just about anything), I have to admit that keeping SiriusXM radio alive and kicking in my car has been pretty fun. Maybe it's just me but I'm almost positive songs are played on SiriusXM for a good amount of time before they hit regular radio.

I know this because Tim will randomly say oh this new song is good... and I'm like pshh please I've been jamming to that for weeks! (Read: he doesn't have Sirius.)

I love feeling like I'm one of the "special ones" who gets to hear the up and coming songs before they make their way up the charts.

I also feel that I have a knack for knowing which of these songs are going to swim around the mid-30s/40s of the Billboard Top 100 and which ones are about to skyrocket to the top.

For example, I was listening to a morning show on the way to work one day and one of the hosts was going on and on about a new song he'd heard called "All About That Bass" and how he was convinced it was going to be #1. So he played it for his co-hosts and listeners, many of whom were hearing it for the first time.

Well I promptly tweeted said host, informing him that I had made that call weeks earlier.

I tweeted to them on August 4 and as you can see my original tweet was on July 23. 

And what do you know... Currently #1 on Billboard Top 100 (as I'm sure you know by it being played every 2 minutes on the radio now.)

So .. I'm by no means a music connoisseur. I have no music resume. But I am a betting girl. Like, betting people I'll be right and they'll be wrong kinda girl. So, here we are with my newest picks...

MKTO - American Dream

I didn't really like this song at first. But I love other MKTO songs. So I gave it a few listens. There are a couple parts that are really nice on the ears. But this isn't a chart topper. So I'm saying it will get into the Top 10.

Meghan Trainor - Title

Just heard this girls second song on Sirius. I loved her Bruno-Mars-esque style in Bass and love that it's the same with Title. I think this will catch on as well and will be Top 3.

Meghan Trainor - Lips are Moving

Not sure why but I don't think this will do as well as Title. Depending on how soon they start playing this. If they give Title enough time in the spotlight this one could get in Top 10. I must say she's one of my new favorites. I just love that old-school sound. So glad she wasn't a one and done.

Bebe Rexha - I Can't Stop Drinking About You

Something about this chicks voice is really cool... almost haunting. I think this one is a Top 10 contender.

Ella Henderson - Ghost

This one topped the UK charts and I have a feeling if it starts playing more over here it's going to be really popular, like Top 5. Something about it just moves you.

Taylor Swift - Out of the Woods

I actually haven't heard this one on Sirius but it made huge waves when it came out the other day. I'm still on the fence about it but based on the reactions and the fact that it's TSwift I say it gets to #1. The main beat in the chorus reminds me of an old song but I can't put my finger on it. That makes me feel like it's not a unique as people are thinking. But maybe it will grow on me.

So.. thoughts? Have you heard any of these?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

September Workout Results

Yikes, I'm a bit late on this one! Considering it's mid October. But in my defense, how the HAM is it mid-October? Like, seriously.

Here's a reminder of my September goals:
Runs: 11
Strength: 8

And here's what actually happened...

Runs: 9
Strength: 3

Didn't hit my goal. But I'm OK with it. Since I've talked about my running funk, I'm trying out some new things. I'm taking advantage of my gym membership and trying to go there after work a few times a week.

When I'm there I'm spending at least 30 minutes on a stair/elliptical machine, and then spending 15 minutes in the weight room.

I would like to get a bit more structure to it all. Like focusing on arms/legs on certain days. And getting abs in as much as possible.

But I do get overwhelmed at the gym. So many different machines and areas to focus on. I feel like I never have time for everything.

And then I also feel conflicted because I do love running. I don't want to abandon her altogether. Especially while I still have some cool weather weeks left.

So I'm kind of using October to figure things out. And maybe November if necessary. I know that once it gets too cold to be outside, I'll be stuck with the gym. So it's a good thing that I'm enjoying working out there now. But I need to come up with a plan. And stick to it.

Maybe try to get 1-2 runs in during the week outside (while the weather is nice) and supplement it with gym cardio/weights on other days. And then once winter is upon us do gym exclusively but go in with a plan of areas to focus on. So I'm not all over the place.

Kind of like this post.

Our gym also has free classes so I'd love to mix it up with an ab class or zumba! Need to work on convincing my gym buddies to shake it with me in there. :)

Also.. one thing I'm happy with (even if I'm not meeting my goals), is that it's October and I'm still blogging about fitness. I may not be running or working out as much as I would prefer, but it's still on my mind often. I'm still trying to make it a priority week after week. I'm getting better about believing that just because you missed yesterday, doesn't mean that today doesn't count.

Trying to blog about my fitness each month, and tracking it on MapMyRun has helped at least keep this topic on my mind. And that's always a good thing.

Below I've linked some of my GetFit updates from this year. You can also check out my running tab in the header. This helps me see where I started and where I'm at now.

I urge any of you who want to start making fitness more of a priority to decide now to post about it once a month. Even if you're not posting a success story. Even if it's about how the past month was so hard and you didn't get in as many workouts as you wanted to. At least you're talking about it. Trust me, touching base with yourself every now and then throughout the year will help get you motivated to get back out there.

Until next time! #GETFIT


Wednesday, October 8, 2014


So I'm really really good about saying no to the idea of any more dogs. As you probably know, we adopted Bear and Piper last year and they are my babies. Even so, Tim has been hounding me about another one for a few months now and I've always told him we are not getting another until one of ours "moves on."

Then one day I was doped up on cold medicine. Like floating high in the sky from Dayquil masking the symptoms of death I was experiencing. And we were at Petsmart picking up our pups from getting bathed. And there was a humane society there from a neighboring city. And they had German Shepherd pups up for adoption. And I walked by and shook my head like I normally do.

But somehow, and I can't quite remember how because, again, I was in a vulnerable position, a puppy ended up out of its crate playing with our dogs. And then we were filling out forms to foster her for two weeks. And then she was on Tim's lap in the car. And then she was peeing on my floor at the house.

So, alas, here we are. I said I would never have a puppy. I said I would never have a third dog. Maybe I should be a politician?

Say hello to Lennox. AKA Lennie.

Lennox and her brother and sister were abandoned at 8 days old to a kill shelter. The people from P.A.W.S. found out and brought them to their place in Paris, KY. The pups are now 10 weeks old and freaking adorable.

I love my dogs. Bear and Piper are the best pets ever. I am 100% content with them for the rest of their lives. And honestly, two is way more affordable, transportable, and sane. But, if we have the means to save this little nugget's life, then so be it. That's one less dog abandoned and one less dog in a bad home.

(Also, Piper is freakin' pumped there is someone around with enough energy to play with her 24/7. And Bear is loving the break.)

So, welcome little Lennox to our zoo! We are happy to have you and.. well, this should be interesting!

If you have the urge to tell me "you are crazy"  right now, I would appreciate you keeping that comment to yourself. :)

Otherwise, if you can somewhat relate to our dog obsession and have something nice to say, then by all means! :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Am I The Only One?

Am I the only one who doesn't think Bruce Jenner is trying to become a woman?

Yes, he has long hair and ear piercings. But, that hardly makes you a woman. Am I missing something?

Am I the only one who doesn't like pumpkin spice anything?


Am I the only one who would rather buy clothes or a night out than seasonal decorations?

I'm OK that my house doesn't scream fall. I don't want to store that shit once fall is over.

Am I the only one who looks at my MapMyRun route to see if the shape looks like something?

Am I the only one who hates the feel of grass on my bare feet?

Like, I don't walk in grass without shoes. EVER. No slip 'n slides for this girl.

Am I the only one who is overwhelmed with weddings and babies on my Facebook newsfeed? 

It's not even a jealousy thing. It's just a LOT. I really don't like kids enough to see yours eating breakfast every. single. day.

Am I the only one who had a poor football weekend?

My Bengals went from awesome to awful in a few short hours. Sigh. I guess better now than in the playoffs.

Am I the only one excited all over again about Sex and the City 3 rumors?

I don't care how poor people think these movies were. Just seeing these characters come to life again is good enough for me! (And I loved the movies.)

Am I the only one who wishes America's Next Top Model would go back to all females? 

This males/females, booch/tooch stuff is just too much. The talent level has gone down significantly. And I miss Jay, the creative director.

Am I the only one who wishes it was Friday again?